No more 'Captaincy task' for Bigg Boss contestants

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Just four more weeks for the grand finale of Bigg Boss contestants and they are all gearing up themselves for the big day. None of us know which contestants who will be reaching the grand finale. Many predictions and combinations of the contestants for the finale are doing rounds, but nothing is under the control of the audience.

Well, Sreemukhi was the captain of the house last week. She was selected for the first time as the captain and also, she is last captain of the house too. Yes. The house will not have any more captains and from now, it is just nothing but competition and strategies of the contestants to make their way to the grand finale.

The game will turn very much interesting from now and the housemates will have to keep all their personal revenge and bonding aside and focus on their strategies. The nominations for this weekend are Mahesh Vitta, Varun Sandesh and Rahul SIpligunj and we have to wait to know who will be eliminated.

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