Rahul's Tiff With Mahesh Gets Serious

By - October 11, 2019 - 11:25 AM IST

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In the recent episode of Bigg Boss, the contestants were shown videos to each one of them about their fellow contestants back bitching about them. At this final phase of the show, where the finale is just a month away, contestants watching these videos make a great impact on the show and housemates as well. So all the contestants have watched the videos and they had arguments and tiffs with each other.

Rahul, who has been warned by Nagarjuna to stop using cuss words in the house. But still, he has been doing. His fellow contestant Mahesh Vitta has dicussed about this with Shiva Jyothi keeping the song Rahul written in a recent episode where he said that Mahesh has got ‘noti doola’, which means loose tongue.

So Mahesh was asked for an explanation by Rahul, and the latter said that Mahesh doesn’t have enough courage to talk to people directly. Rahul said that the song for just for some fun and all of them have taken it in a jovial way only. That’s when Mahesh asked, “Who told you that everyone has taken it jovially? Because I did not do. If other do, it is not my problem.”

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