Bigg Boss: Ali Reza's Wife Encourages All The Housemates

By - October 17, 2019 - 07:58 AM IST

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Entry of Masoom, wife of Ali Reza, was a surprise to everyone. The housemates were asked to be in the sleeping mode and that’s when they were having fun. Rahul and Ali were playing happily in the house even in the sleep mode and that’s when Masoom entered the house. She slowly sneaked into the living room and went to Ali, whose eyes were closed. She took his head into her lap as he was lying down, and broke into tears.

She encouraged every contestants in the house by talking about their positive aspects and told them how important all of them are for the house. She spoke to Ali privately and told him that people are voting him only because they like and they want that ‘Aggressive Ali’ back.

Also, she told him that relationships can be taken care outside the house too and asked him to just focus on the game. She reminded him that he is in the house to play the game and to do only that.

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