Bigg Boss: Baba Bhaskar's Wife Worried About His Health

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Baba Bhaskar’s family members have come to the show just like every other contestant’s family and they were super happy. First, it was his kids who entered the house and surprised him. They were having fun with him and when Baba Bhaskar asked his kids whether their mother hasn’t come, they said no, and that they came with their uncle. But later, after a few minutes, she too has entered the house and Baba couldn’t stop himself from hugging her.

The first thing she asked him was how he’s doing in the house. He told her he’s doing well. But still, even those very few minutes she was pretty much worried about him. She told him that he lost weight and that he is not eating well. She told him not to keep crying over silly things.

She pulled Vithika Sheru and Shiva Jyothi’s leg by asking whether they actually know how to cook or not. Also, she said Sreemukhi just keeps shaking her hand and the cutlery in the kitchen. On the whole, it just went well.

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