Varun - Vithika Vs Prabhas - Anushka!

By - October 18, 2019 - 12:22 PM IST

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Hero Varun Sandesh and heroine Vithika Sheru have tied the knot a couple of years back and both are now in the race for the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu title. Though they are fighting for the title individually, other housemates are targeting them as they are playing the game as wife and husband only.

However, Bigg Host King Akkineni Nagarjuna has already made it clear that Varun and Vithika have the ‘special advantage’.

Coming to the actual point, Varun and Vithika are portraying the Baahubali scene in Bigg House and the episode will be telecasting today. While Varun bends between two tables, Vithika is walking through them as well as Varun’s back.

But, Vithika slipped off from Varun. What happens next? We have to watch for the episode today.

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