Bigg Boss Contestants Entertain The Audience To The Core

By - October 19, 2019 - 09:44 AM IST

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In the recent episode, which was aired on Friday, contestants were seen in different getups as per the roles they have been given by Bigg Boss. Baba Master was seen as Basha, Rahul as Kanchana, Ali as Ghajini, Sreemukhi as Mahanati Savithri, Shiva Jyothi as Chandramukhi and Vithika and Varun as Baahubali and Devasena.

All the contestants had to be in this get up the whole day and perform for it. All of them have done their roles really well. Baba Master has nailed his performance as Baasha and Sreemukhi, as Mahanti has done her role well. Rahul as Kanchana is the highlight of the episode.

Vithika and Varun tried to recreate that scene where Devasena walks on the shoulders of Baahubali to get on the bridge, but it fails and Vithika ends up falling on Varun. He complains of back pain then and he kind of scolds Vithika.

Ali and Shiva Jyothi have also done well and on the whole, all the contestants have done the task amazingly.

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