Tiff Between Rahul And Sreemukhi's Fans Goes Viral On Social Media

By - October 19, 2019 - 09:21 AM IST

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In the recent episode, it was seen that Sreemukhi’s mother Latha was in the house as a surprise and she spoke to everyone in the house besides hers daughter. Also, she took Rahul’s name and said, “Rahul, you and Sreemukhi are friends since a long time. Why do you both fight like this? Its better you sit and talk instead of fighting. Because we as parents feel bad with what is happening in the house.” To this, Rahul said that it is those various tasks which led to disputes in between us.

Just because Latha took Rahul’s name, fans of Rahul Sipligunj have abused Latha and Sreemukhi. A fan of Rahul on his social media page spoke badly about Sreemukhi’s family, but her fans, and other audiences and netizens did not take it. Many netizens have in return abused and trolled Rahul’s fan, who is running a page called Poolachokka on Instagram, and no fan of Bigg Boss spared the way he spoke.

They said it is very bad to involve family members in such things an talk bad about a mother and elderly lady especially.*

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