Huge Shock For RGV From Jana Sena Party?

By - October 28, 2019 - 04:00 PM IST

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Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma is known for sensational acts and he has done it again with his upcoming film Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Redlu by showing Pawan Kalyan’s character in a shocking getup.

Though there is no objectionable content in the trailer of Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Redlu regarding Pawan Kalyan, fans of Power Star are not happy with the still, which was released by RGV before the trailer via his twitter page.

Some of Jana Sainiks have started trolling against RGV with ‘Sad Demise Of RGV’ memes. The memes are saying as RGV was killed in a road accident, happened in Mumbai Red Light Area. However, it is not new for RGV to face this type of trolling.

On the other hand, Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Redlu is making sensational sound in political and cinema circles.

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