Suresh Babu Talks About His Troubles

By - November 18, 2019 - 09:00 AM IST

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Producer Suresh Babu, besides being someone like the spokesperson of all the producers of the industry, he always makes sure that he talks about what is happening in the industry and what is needed and what can be done.

In a recent interview which he has given to a popular channel, Suresh Babu said that it is getting difficult for him even to pay the electricity bills of theatres due to the kind of losses that single screens are experiencing.

The producers said that around a decade ago, there were around 3000 theatres in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. And now, in both the states, it has come down to 1700.

“If films are not worthy enough to watch, people are coming to the theatres. And even when they want to come, films are streaming on digital platforms like Amazon an Netflix, within three weeks since the release of the film. In such cases, how will even single screens run?” said Suresh Babu.

Also, it is very much needed for the directors to make good films to attract audiences to the theatres.


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