Swapping Talk Of Heroine Deepika Padukone

By - November 28, 2019 - 08:00 AM IST

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There is a lot of commitment, chastity, and devotion when it comes to love stories onscreen but if one were to look closely at the life of the heroines and actresses who do such roles, the reality is quite the opposite. The classic example of that is the Bollywood circuit and the way relationships are formed on flimsy lines and get over.

However, one top heroine has been quite bold about it. She is none other than the burgundy eyed beauty Deepika Padukone. Recently she was part of an interactive session which also had the likes of the radical stud Vijay Deverakonda and others. Speaking about relationships in the cine circuit, Deepika said they are shameless.

While this does sound controversial and shocking, there is a strong element of truth in what she said. Incidentally, the same forum had Alia Bhatt who is now getting ready to get married to Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika’s ex. Few other celebs were also around and each one had a history. This swapping talk of the top heroine certainly was on the face.  

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