Arjun Suravaram Is Out Of Danger

By - December 04, 2019 - 12:00 PM IST

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These are the times when even the best of the movies featuring the craziest star heroes always have a sword hanging on their heads. If there is a slight deviation in the content and narration has lag, the movie tanks big time. Given that amount of risk, you can imagine the kind of challenges a small budget movie with a lesser known hero will face.

Yet, when few movies stand that storm and emerge victorious, it gives a great sense of pride and relief. One movie which is now emerging as the box office leader is ‘Arjun Suravaram’ featuring the vibrant hero Nikhil. According to latest trade reports, the film has grossed approximately 13 crores with a share of 7.5 crores approximately.

The trade analysts say the film has reached the safe zone and given the fact that it doesn’t face much competition this weekend also, it has a very good chance of clinching the hit zone. Touted to be a thriller, the film seems to have struck a chord with the youth and we sincerely wish the film works at the box office as it would bring a lot of oxygen to other moviemakers.

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