Beware Of Fake OTT Platforms

By - December 05, 2019 - 09:00 AM IST

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The funny thing about our country is that whenever something becomes famous or sensational, there are always those elements who use their intelligence for the wrong reasons and dupe the rest. There is no scarcity of such crooks in the society and even the entertainment industry is no exception to it.

It is known that the world of cinema in India is now focusing strongly on the digital platform and as a result, there are many OTTs that have come into being. But here is a word of caution and warning to all of you. In this flood of digital platforms, some fake OTTs are also coming and they are slicing off some real talent with their crooked strategies.

They are coming up with ads and spreading the word that they need stories, directors. They are collecting everything and then selling the same content to the genuine OTTs albeit with some changes to the stolen line. That way, they are stealing the ideas so don’t fall in that trap. They are not even giving advances but some are believing and going, be careful folks!

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