Pawan-centric politics in Andhra Pradesh!

By - December 04, 2019 - 04:30 PM IST

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Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is all over the news these days. The politics of Andhra is now centered between Pawan Kalyan and YS Jagan. Even though TDP (Telugu Desam Party) is the main opposition in the state, Pawan is able to grab more amount of attention with his attack on the YCP government. So, eventually, leaders of the ruling party have begun to concentrate on Jana Senani and started countering him. After his recent visit to New Delhi, Pawan has upped the political temperature with a sensational statement- 'India needs leaders like Amit Shah'.

After this statement from Pawan, YCP leaders have begun to allege that Jana Sena will soon be merged in BJP. The speculation is that Pawan will merge his party in BJP and as result, he will be declared as saffron party's CM candidate. Even though it's an old rumor, it's caught the fire again.

The details of Pawan's Delhi visit was not revealed by the party and political rumor is that the actor turned politician had a secret meeting with met PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Since the top brass of BJP has invited him into the party, Pawan has increased attack on YCP. So, some major political developments in AP politics are likely to happen in the next few months and no wonder if Pawan becomes crucial in all of them.

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