Posani Pinches Entire Population Over Priyanka Case

By - December 04, 2019 - 03:30 PM IST

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The latest and most talked about issue across all walks of society is the rape and killing of Dr Priyanka Reddy. There is a unanimous demand that the accused must be hung to death or lynched in public and similar views were expressed from the celebrities of the film industry right from Bollywood to the Telugu circuit.

However, Posani Krishnamurali came up with a very different perspective and in the process, he has pinched the entire population. Sharing his thoughts, Posani reportedly mentioned killing the four accused will not change a thing. According to him, what needs to change is the mindset of the people, the mindset of the politicians and the society.

He also took a dig at the police department and recalled how callously they behaved when Priyanka’s parents went to the police station to complain. While Posani’s words may have been ‘on the face’ fact remains that there is complete merit in his observation. Unless we change, the system will not change and that’s the hard truth.

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