Playback: Interesting Teaser Of The Season

By - December 05, 2019 - 05:30 PM IST

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With more and more youngsters coming into the direction stream, it is paving way for fresh and creative ideas to hit the otherwise routine Telugu circuit. Among them, some ideas are really catching attention. This time, it is the turn of one movie whose teaser has already become the talk of the cine buffs and tinsel town.

It is titled as ‘Playback’ and it is touted as India’s first movie on cross time connection. The teaser has grabbed the attention of many and though it doesn’t have any notable faces, the concept looks intriguing. Of course, few cine intellectuals who watched the teaser said this has been inspired from few western movies.

Notable among them are ‘The Love Letter (1998)’ ‘Frequency (2000)’ ‘Lake House (2006)’ ‘Il mare (2000)’. The storyline is very interesting as the hero is in 2019 and the heroine is in 1993. A phone conversation ensues between both. Well, even if it is lifted from somewhere it doesn’t matter, if it is good in its making and packaging, audience will welcome it.


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