Pawan Kalyan Vs Mahesh Kathi: Scene Reversed

By - December 06, 2019 - 12:00 PM IST

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Speaking about power star Pawan Kalyan and the self-proclaimed critic Mahesh Kathi, it is known that Mahesh has never let go of an opportunity to rip Pawan apart. And whenever Mahesh used to slam Pawan, all of them including Pawan’s fans used to attack him. This tussle has been on for years but Mahesh Kathi didn’t back off.

But recently the entire scene got reversed. This is regarding the rape and murder of the veterinary doctor Disha. Responding to that, Pawan said the accused need not be killed but they should be whipped twice with a stick. With this the whole scene backfired and everyone is blasting Pawan in a big way. Nobody wants anything less than the death sentence for the accused.

In that situation, Pawan talking about taming them with two hits from a stick was bizarre. As a result, the entire netizens including Mahesh started ripping Pawan. What happened to Pawan fans? Why did they become quiet in this situation? Since PK is not victorious have they become silent? It only goes to show anything revolves around success and the same is with the fans.

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