Recap 2019: Best Screenplay - Brochevarevarura

By - December 29, 2019 - 10:00 AM IST

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Best Screenplay Movie Of The Year 2019 Is Brochevarevarura

If a story is what makes heart the movie,  screenplay gives a beautiful shape to it. Even a minor subject can be narrated interestingly and attractively with a great screenplay. In fact, a great screenplay can play a key role in success of the film. Generally, small & medium budget films rely on screenplay to excite the audiences. One of the low-budget movies which amazed us this year- Brochevarevarura featuring Sri Vishnu, Nivetha Thomas and Nivetha Pethuraj.

Standing true to its tagline 'Chalaname Chitram Chitrame Chalanam', the film is a great piece of presentation of an interesting story.

We have, in the past, seen self-kidnap stories but filmmaker Vivek Atreya has crafted it very interestingly because the self-kidnap plan turns into real after some kidnappers really abduct Nivetha Thomas. The film is just a simple two line story, but the filmmaker ensured to arouse curiosity with an offbeat screenplay. The film hasn't just impressed who like crime comedy, but also catered a peculiar black comedy. 

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