Three Days Collections Of Vishwak's HIT!

By - March 02, 2020 - 06:30 PM IST

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Natural Star Nani's latest production 'HIT' featuring Vishwak Sen in the lead has released on 28th February. Interesting posters, trailers, sneak peek and Nani as a producer helped the film to gain positive talk right from the first day of release.

Not just on the first day, the film has witnessed a steady box-office collection on Saturday and Sunday as well. The suspense thriller, which has Ruhani Sharma as the leading lady, amassed Rs 3.49 Cr in the first 3 days of release in both Telugu states. While the producers sold HIT for 4 Cr in both AP and Telangana, the first weekend collections have helped buyers to achieve close to break-even figures in many areas.

HIT collected 2 Cr from Nizam, 26 lakhs from Ceeded, 35 lakhs from Uttarandhra, 25 lakhs from Guntur and 30 lakhs from East and West. A weak climax and little slower second half have made it an average film for several viewers. Had the climax been stronger, the box-office collections would have been much higher.

Whatever may be the end result, it is expected to put all buyers and producers in a safe zone.

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