Prakash Raj, Rahul Goes Assembly Post Pub Attack

By - March 09, 2020 - 06:30 PM IST

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Rahul Sipligunj was attacked in a pub called Prism and this news has gone viral on social media. The popular singer has appealed to Minister KTR seeking for justice.

Rahul is currently working for Krishna Vamsi’s Rangmarthanda, which has Prakash Raj also. With the help of this versatile actor, Rahul went to State assembly to talk to the respective official about the issue and seek justice. 

Prakash Raj spoke to media and said that they spoke to Chief Whip Vinay Bhaskar and said they requested to make sure that the accused get punished.

He said that the case will not be compromised at all because Rahul has not made a mistake at all and only those who have planned for all this have to be punished. So it has been made clear that Rahul has the support of biggies and that he is going for justice in any case.

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