Is Nag Ashwin's Film Called Prabhas369?

By - March 09, 2020 - 07:00 PM IST

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Since the minute Nag Ashwin announced his film with Prabhas, expectations, and rumors on the well have been really high. Many reports online have claimed that the story of the film is all about time travel and that it is pretty much similar to the storyline of Aditya 369, which is a Balakrishna starrer.

From calling it something similar to what Pathala Bhairavi has been, people have even said that it science fiction.

Singeetham Srinivasa Rao and Balakrishna combination’s film is Aditya 369 and it cannot be forgotten at all. Even after a few decades from now, this film will be spoken about. There was news about the sequel of this and it was said that Balakrishna’s 100th film would be that.

Maybe that is why people have started imagining that Prabhas is going to the same story. But the truth is that none of the reports are true. Though this film is science fiction, there has been no guarantee or confirmation of the genre. Action and emotions will be given the utmost importance in the script. The shoot of the film will go on floors in November.


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