Here Is What Made Trisha walk Out Of Acharya

By - March 15, 2020 - 01:41 PM IST

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Trisha took her Twitter to handle to share that she walked out of Acharya film due to creative differences. But looks like there is a lot more to it than what it looks. Sources suggest that Trisha did not like the last minute changes that took place in the script.

It is said that she has been upset about not being informed. Also, there have been some remuneration issues too.

Initially, Ram Charan was part of this film and later, reports claimed that Mahesh Babu has replaced Charan. This is something the actress did not like. So who is the actual problem here? At the same time, Mahesh’s duration in the film has been increased and grapevine suggests that the addition of a new heroine for the guest actor made Trisha unhappy.

So keeping all these issues in mind, Trisha chose to walk out of the project. Also, reports suggest that Kajal Aggarwal is going to replace Trisha in this film. An official confirmation from the makers is awaited.


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