Manchu Vishnu's Heart Touching 'Appeal'!

By - April 01, 2020 - 02:09 PM IST

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Hero Manchu Vishnu has revealed ‘heart touching’ video, in which he has said that he is now become single as his entire family (his wife Viranika and kids) are away from India. Manchu Vishnu and his family went to US recently, but Vishnu has returned to India and his family members are stranded in US because of Corona Virus outbreak.

“I’m feeling the pain. But, there is no chance for us than keeping social distance and lockdown. We have to respect the government regarding this and as citizens of India all Indians have to obey the lockdown situation” Manchu Vishnu said.

It is known that entire world is now in the lockdown mode as Corona Virus turned deadly in almost all countries.

Government of India has imposed the lockdown couple of days ago and it will continue upto 14th of April.

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