Pawan Kalyan Shocks Krish And His Team

By - April 04, 2020 - 08:00 AM IST

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We all know about upcoming Pawan Kalyan's film in the direction of Krish. 'Virupaakshi' is the title under consideration for this project, which is being bankrolled by Kushi fame AM Rathnam. The makers of PSPK27, which is being made on a budget of 100 Cr, decided to release it towards the end of this year. Right from the beginning, this project has been facing many hiccups. Due to the nationwide lockdown, the shooting of has been stalled now. The shooting may not progress smoothly, after the end of the lockdown period.

Pawan has reportedly informed director Krish and his team that he may not be able to join the shooting after the end of the lockdown period. 'Vakeel Saab', the remake of Hindi film Pink, is one of the key reasons for it. The makers of Vakeel Saab declared that PSPK26 will light screens in May. But, it may not hit screens as expected.

After the end of lockdown on 14th April, the film shootings are expected to resume slowly. So, Pawan Kalyan may focus on wrapping up his part for Vakeel Saab before moving to Krish's project. The actor has decided to give 20 days of call sheets to Vakeel Saab after lockdown so that makers can finish off pending work.

Only after completing his portion for Vakeel Saab, Pawan will shift his focus back to PSPK27. This decision of Pawan Kalyan has certainly shocked Krish and his team as they were expecting him to be back on sets after the end of lockdown. So, they should now plan to shoot other scenes that do not involve Kalyan.

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