Pawan Kalyan Directorial Johnny 17 Years Mark!

By - April 25, 2020 - 09:39 AM IST

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Johnny movie, genre on martial arts and marital affairs with 178 minutes running time is Power Star Pawan Kalyan's debut direction but 8th film in acting series had released on 25th April 2003 on a grand note and scale, for the hype he got right after Kushi blockbuster, for also his directorial debut with a mega-budget produced by mega Allu Aravind on Geetha Arts banner.

The 21 crores budgeted film released on 250 prints worldwide (overseas include the US only for that time) occupied 300 theatres (the first film) in Telugu states on the release date was a huge sensation all over. That was the same time when never-show-up-in-interviews Pawan Kalyan made onto media coverages. Fans were so crazed the film's first-day first show tickets had the highest black ticket price.

Result of this 17 years completed film, yeah, very unexpected, the biggest disaster of the year. The film was broken into two pieces in mouth talk, the first half was highlighted and the second half was considered unbearable, unwatchable, whatnot.

Pawan Kalyan named his first son Akira Nandan. Akira is a renowned name as one of the greatest film directors ever Akira Kurosawa. Such is Pawan Kalyan's take on films. He is definitely a 24 craft controller, not any less with world cinema knowledge and liberties.

Coming to the story, pathogenic condition to a motherless kid, the kid avoids it with self-respect, will raise at a hotel side with a group of fun and struggle, learn martial arts, grow to a roadside existence but fall to a beautiful orphan which results in their marriage, a new flavor to the fellow doesn't run for a long time, comes to know his wife may die with blood cancer, as a man got his fight the guy leaves his existence and move to a new city to provide her the cancer therapy which is a high cost on the note, which the essential, hero decides to bet himself onto defeating Mumbai boxing mafia, finally win his life also paying money on time.

The Hollywood style this Tollywood movie has Renu Desai as the second depression to Hero Pawan Kalyan, and versatile actor Raghuvaran as his father who causes the first.

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