What's the rift between Salman Khan & Rishi Kapoor?

By - May 01, 2020 - 02:30 PM IST

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Rishi Kapoor is well known for speaking bold and straight on the face. His fans have always admired his dareness. But, in several cases, Rishi Kapoor's boldness has got him into problems and controversies. After Twitter arrived, his tweets used to cause a big debate and controversy on social media.

The rift between Rishi Kapoor and Salman Khan is never forgettable. Both of them had fall out at a marriage event, which led to a serious altercation between them. A rumour has it that Salman also slapped Rishi and the rift continued for a long time. The 67-year actor was never really interested to speak about the rift between him and Salman.

But, Rishi stood in support of Salman in his tough times. Most importantly, Rishi declared his support to Mr. Khan when he was convicted for poaching black buck. Later, the equation between Salman and Rishi got bettered.

Rishi used to surprise with his funny side at cinema events and reality shows. Even at Asin's marriage, Rishi Kapoor is said to have created some ruckus and his behaviour led to several controversies.

Rishi also made sensational comments when beef was banned in Maharashtra. Few organizations staged protest against the comments of Rishi Kapoor when he openly admitted that he consumes beef.

But, the senior actor doesn't carry his rift and he quickly becomes their good friend again. He likes to make his enemies into friends in no time. That's how Rishi has always managed to overcome all the controversies in his life.

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