Real Hero Prakash Raaj Stands For Migrant Labourers!

By - May 17, 2020 - 03:26 PM IST

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Noted actor Prakash Raaj is known for his brutal antagonist roles on silver screen. Now, during this lockdown period, he is showing heroism with his philanthropic activities. The corona crisis has led many job cuts, several lives have been shattered and few companies did not pay salaries to the employees. But, Prakash Raaj stood by his staff and gave two months of salary in advance. In fact, he is the first celebrity to respond and announced that he would continue to furnish salaries to his staff at any cost.

After that, Prakash offered his help to the migrant labourers by arranging food to hundreds of people at his farm house in Hyderabad. The actor is also helping people who are stranded in Hyderabad to reach their respective villages. Though he claims that he's running out of money, Prakash said he doesn't even hesitate to either borrow or beg money to help the migrants.

"I know that migrants won't be able to return the money back, I will do my part in sending them back their villages," said Prakash Raaj who definitely deserves an appreciation.

Apart from Prakash Raaj, another villain Sonu Sood is helping out migrants struck in Maharashtra and Karnataka reach their home towns by arranging some private buses. Sonu also assured that he will do his part till every migrant labour is sent to their respective places. So, these on-screen villains have turned out to be real heroes during this lockdown. 

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