Alcohol To Be Sold In Cinema Halls?

By - May 17, 2020 - 04:11 PM IST

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Theatres were already facing a big trouble in the form of OTT platforms and piracy. In the past, films used to arrive on streaming services in just 30 days after theatrical release. Besides that, piracy is one more menacing problem. Now that the Corona pandemic has led to shut down of cinema halls, the demand for OTT has seen a massive spike. Considering the major shift during lockdown period, bigwigs in industry are scratching their heads over how to bring audiences back to theatres.

Filmmaker Nag Ashwin, producer Suresh Babu and actor Rana Daggubati have discussed an interesting idea to increase footfalls at theatres. "Once In a talk with suresh babu garu and rana, it came up what if theaters get license to serve beer/breezer/wine, like in other countries. could it increase footfalls...could it save the theater business (which does need saving)...wat do you think? Good idea, bad idea?" - Nag Ashwin tweeted.

But, social media users were clearly against this idea and unanimously all of them said that family audiences won't turn up to theatres if it is implemented.

After looking at their response, Mahanati director has tweeted again- "So true...it will keep the family audience away...can be an option at few multiplexes maybe, but not a solution...wat do u think theaters need to do to get ppl back? to increase audience...will you come back as soon as theaters open or wait & watch for a few weeks before going?"

To turn cinema halls into bars is totally a terrible idea. Because, cinema is a great source of entertainment for middle class families over a weekend. If drinking is allowed, the footfall at cinema halls will fall massively. 

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