Will Our Heroes Take That Risk?

By - May 17, 2020 - 04:49 PM IST

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Cinema industry is worried about the next extension of lockdown. While cinema industry is expecting some relaxations in fourth phase of lockdown, it remains to be seen if shootings will resume and if govt greenlights post-production activities. No wonder if govt allowes to resume shoots with limited crew on location. Will the star actors turn up to shoot if govt gives an approval considering that a shooting spot will atleast have 150-200 workers at any given time.

Even if  production house limits the crew to 100 or less than that, the actors may not readily join back shoot considering seriousness of COVID-19. An AC carvan and team of 10+ personal bodyguards to a star hero are additional baggage and these unavoidable things may not help to restart film shoots quickly after lockdown.

Recently, a Telugu film producer publicly confessed - 'Even if government permits to resume shoots, we may not be able to restart them immediately as star heroes won't step out for next few weeks'. It is no wrong, because everyone cares for their life and a star hero has recently asked his directors and producers not to resume the shoot until the Corona fear is totally out. Not just star actors, even supporting actors and junior artists are worried about pandemic and they aren't ready to join shootings right away.

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