Balakrishna's Hot Comments On Film Industry People

By - May 28, 2020 - 05:00 PM IST

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Yet again, Bakakrishna proved to be a person who speaks his mind. Balakrishna always revealed his opinions without any inhibitions. In the morning, Balakrishna opened up that he was not aware of the meeting that took place between film industry people and minister Talasani.

Although producer C Kalyan clarified that the meeting was only attended by the producers and all the others joined voluntarily, Balakrishna showered his anger on not getting invited at an event that took place at Basavatarakam hospital.

Balakrishna revealed to the media and others who accompanied him that he was ignored at the meeting. "No one called me for the meeting. They met Srinivas Yadav and discussed the distribution of lands in Hyderabad. They are doing real-estate business." revealed Balakrishna along with a beep word.

The video is currently going viral on social media. Netizens are pointing out the complexes that the stars have among themselves but boast their unity.

Mohan Babu fans are also unhappy that no one from their family got an invitation to the meeting.

We have to see if Chiranjeevi or any others from the meeting respond to the comments.

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