Naga Babu VS Balakrishna Over Film Industry Meetings

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Balakrishna Nandamuri is very upset over not getting an invitation for the film industry meetings. He used an objectionable language while expressing his opinion to a few people today. Also, Balakrishna made comments that the people who attended the meeting are doing real estate business.

Naga Babu Konidela, Chiranjeevi's brother responded to Balakrishna's comments. Naga Babu did not attend the meetings but he is upset over Balakrishna's accusations and the language he used.

Naga Babu said that Balakrishna should take back his words saying that the industry people are doing real estate business and distributing lands. Naga Babu told that Balakrishna should know who did real estate business in Andhra Pradesh state because of which the people are suffering.

Naga Babu wants Balakrishna not to comment in such a manner which is so much demeaning. We have to see if Balakrishna responds to the same.

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