Samantha VS Pooja Hegde Issue Turns Ugly On Social Media

By - May 29, 2020 - 10:00 AM IST

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Pooja Hegde's instagram hack news is creating a lot of buzz in the film industry now. A post appeared on Pooja's profile saying Samantha is not pretty. Samantha fans trolled Pooja Hegde and Pooja's fans trolled Samantha on the same. Now, celebrities joined Samantha, supporting her and making the issue worst.

Chinmayi and Nandini Reddy are now indirectly adding fuel to the issue.

Sharing a picture of Samantha from 'Oh Baby', Nandini Reddy wrote, "Pretty crazy.... pretty annoying... pretty stubborn ..... pretty mean(when she wants to be )..... pretty much baby @samantharuthprabhuoffl you are Pretty much all those things and that’s why we love u" indirectly trolling Pooja Hedge.

Samantha replied, "Love you".

"what the hack..... love u too" posted Nandini Reddy.

Sam wrote, "rofl Evil tassss why you are my bes frend".

"my brain got hacked by evil aliens" claimed Nandini Reddy and Chinmayi joined saying, "Pleeeease love me love me tooo. I am neeeeeeedyyyyyyyyy. P.S.: my account isnt hacked".

"u need to be evil... to be hacked... please apply after upgrade" said Nandini.

Samantha wrote, "all jokes on hacking are suspended until further notice".

"daaaameeeettttt" said Nandini.

Samantha wrote, "it's still a very sensitive topic for those who were and weren't really hacked".

All these comments are deleted now from the post as they discussed the same.

Although Pooja explained that her account got hacked, these celebrities, in the name of supporting Samantha are trolling Pooja Hegde. It is slowly turning ugly and worse.

We have to see if there will be an end for the same.

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