Brahmanandam To Stop Acting In Films?

By - July 03, 2020 - 03:38 PM IST

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Brahmanandam is known as the most popular comedian in Tollywood.  With the most films under his belt, he achieved legendary status long back.  The latest speculations from the film circles reveal that Brahmanandam decided to say goodbye to Telugu films.

Brahmanandam is planning to continue on the small screen and he has already given his nod to feature in a serial. He will be appearing in the lead role in the serial.  It is known that Brahmanandam has been slowed down in film for the last few years. He is not getting great characters these days and offers also reduced. After he went through heart surgery, he was away from films for a few months.

Though his new decision has become a hot topic in the film circles, the King of Comedy is yet to confirm the news. If he really wants to keep away from films, it is disappointing news for the fans.

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