New Element in Vishal-Ramya controversy

By - July 09, 2020 - 12:44 PM IST

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Kollywood is currently discussing about the controversy that erupted in Vishal Film Factory. Vishal and his former accountant Ramya engaged in a dispute which is slowly turning worse. Already, both filed police cases on one another regarding the theft of 45 lakh rupees. Meanwhile, the latest news is that Vishal's manager Hari's car got damaged by strangers.

Harikumar immediately approached Kodambakkam police station and filed a police complaint on the same. He alleged that Ramya's involvement could be there behind the same. The cops registered a case and have started their investigation.

On the other side, Ramya alleged that Vishal is evading the tax and involved in a lot more frauds. She also told that she can reveal everything to the media with proofs and requested police protection.

We have to see if Vishal makes any public statement on the issue.

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