Varma Announces First-Ever Indian Lesbian Film

By - August 10, 2020 - 01:55 PM IST

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Though so many filmmakers have been coming up with different kinds of genres, the audience still is hesitant in accepting lesbian films. They don't want to see steamy scenes between two females.

Even the filmmakers also won't dare to show one or two scenes as no one knows how the audience will receive it. But, Varma made a bold move by coming up with a lesbian story. Titled as 'Dangerous', this is going to be the first-ever Indian Lesbian movie. He even released the poster of two women kissing each other. He also hinted that the film is going to have crime and gangster backdrops. "Their affair killed many.. Including cop and gangsters" captioned Varma which grabbed the attention of the audience

As expected, the film will get a direct OTT release soon. Just like his previous films, Varma is going to get into so many controversies with this film as well.

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