Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Sujatha, Gangavva And Abhijeet Are safe

By - September 13, 2020 - 11:05 AM IST

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On Saturday's episode, there is not much that took place in the house. The inmates purchased the food items, as per the luxury budget points. Later, Nagarjuna interacted with the housemates.

As usual, Nagarjuna has given his feedback to the housemates. Nagarjuna appreciated some of the housemates and he gave the much-needed feedback to the others. He told Monal and Akhil not to get emotional. Nagarjuna asked Suryakiran to not involve in all the issues. He told Kalyani to not carry things from one person to another person. Later, he made the housemates play a game in the house. As per the game, Ryan and Ariyana have to award some qualities to the inmates. The following is the result of the game.

Oosaravelli - Sujatha
Kakarakaya - Divi
Romantic - Akhil
Dustbin - Abhijeet
Chichupettadam - Kalyani
Drama Queen - Harika
Baddhakam - Surya Kiran
Loud Speaker - Noel
Thopu - Gangavva
Perfect - Devi
Cry Baby - Monal
Bakara - Lasya
Mirchi - Mehaboob
Joker - Amma Rajasekhar

Sujatha, Gangavva and Abhijeet were out of the eliminations and are safe. There are 4 more housemates in the danger zone. Nagarjuna will announce the name of the housemate on Sunday's episode.

Finally, Nagarjuna put an end to Kattappa episode in the house. Nagarjuna announced that there is no Kattappa in the house.

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