Production House tenders apology to Vijay Devarakonda

By - September 17, 2020 - 09:04 PM IST

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Vijay Devarakonda recently issued a statement to the media that he did not sign any new movie. Vijay clarified that a production house announced a casting call, claiming to have got Vijay on board for their film.


Soon after the press statement came out, the production house got alerted. Now, the creative director of the production house issued a statement with regards to the same. They apologized to Vijay and revealed their version.


“We did reach out to Mr. Deverakonda formally, in our casting efforts, through our casting agency, and we were communicated his disinterest in our project. There ended any possibility of any association with him or his team. Any communication to the contrary is false, not authorized by us, and in violation of our policies. We remain in deep dismay and great regret over this matter, and ascertain to whomsoever it may concern that we are not engaged in any project with Mr. Vijay Deverakonda,” said the creative producer.


The production house filed a complaint with the police to take action on those who spread misinformation about the project.

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