Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 12: Gangavva Breaks Down Into Tears In The Confession Room

By - September 18, 2020 - 09:34 AM IST

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Today's episode started with Abhijeet, Harika, Lasya, and Sujatha having a conversation in the midnight. Harika asks Sujatha if she has to find her love in the Bigg Boss house then who would she pick, Sujatha escapes from there and goes to Noel. She explains the situation to him and cries. However, Noel suggested that she should not take everything seriously.

In the morning, the newcomer enters the Bigg Boss house by waking up everyone and asking them to come to the living area. Everyone gathered in the garden area and Jabardasth Avinash enters the Bigg Boss house as the new contestant. An AV of him plays on the TV. Later, Avinash enters the Bigg Boss house and everyone introduced themselves. Avinash flirted with Monal claiming that he has a big family and everyone laughs.

Sujatha tries to say that she did not like the way how Abhijeet said that she is like a sister to him and the latter apologizes to her. Lasya, Noel tries to pull a prank on Karate Kalyani but she finds out. Later, they pull out the same prank on Sujatha and she cried. Gangavva feels very exhausted and Bigg Boss calls her to the confession room. Lasya guided her to the confession room. When Big Boss asked what happened, Gangavva said that she has faced so many struggles in her life and everyone is taking really good care of her. But, she is unable to stay in the Bigg Boss house any more because of her leg and joint pains. Bigg Boss consoled her and claimed that the doctor will come and take care of her and encouraged her to be strong. Gangavva comes out and Lasya took her to the medical room.

The promo of tomorrow's episode hinted that the Bigg Boss contestants are going to do a comedy skit.

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