Poonam Pandey Named It As Dirty Lesson

By - September 26, 2020 - 04:00 PM IST

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“I’ve learned a lesson and it is not just a lesson, it is the dirtiest lesson ever” sexy beauty Poonam Pandey has said about her bitter experience regarding her honeymoon with her husband Sam Bombay.


It is known that Poonam has announced her marriage with her longtime boyfriend Sam Bombay recently, but shockingly she has filed a complaint against her husband couple of days by making serious allegations on him.


During the honeymoon in Goa, the couple had an argument and after it turned into a huge fight. However, the hotel staff has called police and police have arrested Sam Bombay and took Poonam Pandey’s note regarding the issue.


While speaking about the incident, Poonam said that she was tortured by her husband Sam Bombay mercilessly. “Yes, it was my mistake of getting married to Sam Bombay and I’ll never accept him as a husband in the near future. I’ lost faith on marriage” the actress further added.

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