RGV Disha Encounter: Trailer Creates A Curiosity

By - September 26, 2020 - 03:00 PM IST

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Disha Encounter is the upcoming Telugu film coming from Ram Gopal Varma. Based on the Disha rape and murder incident, RGV has prepared the script. RGV launched the trailer of the movie today that generates a special interest in the movie. Anand Chandra is the director of the film. Sonia Akula plays the leading lady. Natti Kranthi and Natti Karuna are the producers.

"Here is the trailer of DISHA ENCOUNTER based on the 2019 horrific gang rape, killing and burning of a young woman in Hyderabad. Disha in DISHA ENCOUNTER is played by SONIA AKULA whose terrific performance gave life to this heart-wrenching story. Sonia is also founder of AASA an NGO (Action Aid for Societal Advancement). Here’s welcoming @SoniaAASA into twitter universe. And am fortunate that u chose to do such a complex role like in DISHA ENCOUNTER as ur debut film. It just proves that u have beauty, brains and a very kind heart too (Going by ur humanitarian efforts through AASA)." posted RGV, while sharing the trailer.

The trailer looks impressive and we have to see if the film is as gripping as the trailer. More details on the film will come out soon.

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