Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 31: Secret Task to Avinash

By - October 07, 2020 - 10:30 AM IST

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The episode started with Lasya crying and Gangavva consoling her. Later, Monal was crying and Lasya was consoling her. Abhijeet came in and apologized to her. He said that he didn't mean to hurt her and he does not want to talk about her with others. Sohel, Kumar Sai, and Amma Rajashekar while talking about Noel are saying that they have had enough of his silent but manipulative mind games.

Divi apologized to Lasya and the latter also accepted. Akhil also had a discussion with Monal about the nominations and said that he won't raise her topic ever again with anyone. Bigg Boss started the BB Grand Hotel task. Abhijeet is the hotel manager. Lasya and Sujatha are the hotel cooks. Amma Rajshekhar is the assistant chef and waiter. Noel and Kumar Sai belong to housekeeping. Avinash is the assistant manager.  Sohel, Mehboob, and Harika are rich people. Gangavva is the Queen Mother. Ariyana is the princess.

Avinash also got a secret task to act in favor of the guests' team though he belongs to the hotel team. Avinash has to spoil at least 10% of the hotel team's works and prevent them to get the star ratings in order to become eligible to participate in the captaincy task. Ariyana punished Avinash for touching her hand and asked him to fill a bucket by taking water from the swimming pool by a spoon. Abhijeet said that they cannot serve mutton mandi. Sohel, Harika, and Ariyana planned to eat the biryani and not to give a single star.

Avinash secretly spoiled a dish. Avinash laughed and the guests lashed out at him. Akhil tried to settle the situation. But, Gangavva, Mehboob, Sohel didn't budge. When Ariyana was trying to say something, Avinash asked her to behave in a royal way and not to do cheap things. Ariyana screamed at him. Akhil fake slapped Avinash and Mehboob asked them not to overact.

Amma Rajashekar said that they should get tips immediately. But, Mehboob and Sohel said that they will only give tips whenever they want. The promo of tomorrow's episode hinted that there is going to be a huge fight between Akhil and Mehboob.

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