Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 43: True Colours Of Inmates Comes Out

By - October 20, 2020 - 09:17 AM IST

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The episode started with 'Nee Kannulu' song from 'Savaari' movie. Sohel, Akhil, and Avinash are seen making fun of Harika and her height. Harika said that she got names for nomination in a funny way. Ariyana tried to talk to Abhijeet and requested him to talk to Monal and sort out their issue. But Abhijeet didn't listen to her. While talking to Harika, Noel, and Lasya, Abhijeet said that if something happened, one should have an opinion and she should not be on the fence and he will never talk with Monal again.


Bigg Boss started the nominations process. Noel is in nominations as he got into the nominations because of the task. Amma Rajashekar saved himself from the nominations this week. The contestants got divided into 5 teams with two members in each team. The two members should talk and one will get nominated. Monal and Akhil are in a team. Both of them explained why they should stay in the house. Monal accepted Akhil's words and nominated herself.


Both Avinash and Sohel didn't want to get into nominations. But, after discussing for a long time, Avinash accepted to get into nominations and Sohel requested his fans to vote for Avinash this time. Abhijeet and Harika discussed and Abhijeet got into the nominations. Harika felt bad and said that Bigg Boss keeping them together in this task is really unfair. She said that Bigg Boss asked her to choose between her family and Abhijeet which really hurt her.


Ariyana and Mehboob also argued for a long time. In the end, Ariyana nominated herself and everyone in the house appreciated her. Sohel and Akhil also supported her. Sohel said that she got his respect and proved to be a strong woman. He added that by nominating herself, Ariyana has now become equal to Mehboob in his perception.

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