Pawan Kalyan Opens Up On Donations From Film Personalities

By - October 23, 2020 - 11:00 AM IST

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan is always first in making donations whenever there is a crisis around us. Pawan is popular for shedding out donations in huge amounts. Even then, he feels bad when someone says that the film industry personalities must do more than what they are doing. In this regard, Pawan Kalyan revealed his thoughts via a Press Release through his Jana Sena party official Twitter account.

For the comments that the film industry people are doing less donations and they should come up with more donations, Pawan opened up that film industry has always been a soft target and a sensitive field. Pawan tells that the people in films will get name and fame easily but they struggle hard to earn money.

Pawan Kalyan mentioned that they had to sell properties to cover up the losses of Orange and had to sign documents for the release of Atharintiki Daredi when the film's pirated version came out before the movie's actual release.

Pawan feels that the politicians and people's representatives must come forward to donate more money as they spend hundreds of crores during the time of elections.

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