Ariyana Glory?s Negative Angle Exposed!

By - October 30, 2020 - 03:00 PM IST

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She has the big target and it is none other than ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Title’ and she has expressed her dream many times. While speaking with Devi Nagavalli, a couple of weeks back, Ariyana played the ‘female’ card and she tried to make a ‘female gang’ in the house.


However, after the eviction of Devi Nagavalli, Ariyana Glory has changed her mindset and tried to mingle with other contestants like Abijeet, Mehaboob Dilse and Syed Sohel. She also has a good relationship with Akhil Sarthak in the Bigg House. Meanwhile, after getting the captaincy band, Ariyana Glory has shown different angles and it becomes a huge minus point for her. She is doing emotional publicity stunts in a silly manner; many of Bigg Boss viewers are expressing their view.


Not only Amma Rajasekhar, but also Avinash and others also are not happy with Ariyana Glory’s cunning attitude. However, at the end, Bigg Boss is just a game and she is playing her style of game, fans and followers of Ariyana Glory are saying.

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