Bigg Boss Telugu: Noel comes out of BB house due to health issues

By - October 30, 2020 - 10:00 AM IST

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Noel Sean is one of the popular sngers in Tollywood. The singer is now taking part in the Bigg Boss TV show. As of today, Noel is a weak contestant as he is not taking part in the tasks actively. Noel has become the captain of the house once and then entered nominations multiple times but he is failing to impress the audiences. On the top of that, Noel is facing a lot of health issues. On Thursday, a team of doctors examined Noel and advised him to get a special treatment from the hospital.


As a result, Bigg Boss gave permission for Noel to come out of the house. Noel is currently out of Bigg Boss house and he may or may not come back. Bigg Boss revealed that Noel can come back to the Bigg Boss house once he recovers but we are not sure if that happens.

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