Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 63: Amma Rajasekhar Eliminated; Mehaboob Interim Captain

By - November 09, 2020 - 09:36 AM IST

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The episode started with Nagarjuna's entry with 'Ee Hridayam' song. Nagarjuna gave a task and said that everyone got Diwali gifts from other contestants and they can only open it only if someone does a task for them. Mehboob ate biscuits only using his facial muscles for Sohel and the latter got a bracelet from Mehboob. Abhijeet played head basketball task for Akhil and the latter received a bunch of chocolates from Monal. 


Akhil failed to complete differentiating the balls and Abhijeet returned his gift. Harika also failed to get the balls out of the tissue box and Lasya returned her gift as well. Lasya completed 2 hairstyles for Amma and Avinash and Mehboob got a customized cup from Sohel. As Amma Rajashekar failed to burst two balloons, Avinash also returned his gifts. Mehboob failed to make 5 goals with tail and Ariyana returned her gift. Lasya and Abhijeet completed the task and Harika received a dress and laddoo as gifts. As Monal and Amma didn't receive any gifts from the housemates, Nagarjuna has sent fish curry to Amma and Ahmedabad sweets to Monal. 


Nagarjuna called Suma as a wild card entry. Suma said so many things about the housemates. Suma said that Monal has been crying in the house and is using so many tissues. Suma said that she has never seen an assistant captain and Nag said that it is Amma's creativity. Suma also made fun of other housemates and left claiming that she has so many works and she cannot enter the house as a wild card entry. 


Nagarjuna sent both Amma and Avinash to boxes. As none of them are in the boxes, he said that it might be double elimination. But, Avinash entered the house again through the storeroom and cried. Amma Rajashekar said some things about the housemates. Amma Rajashekar made Mehboob the interim captain. But Nagarjuna said that Mehboob won't get immunity.

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