Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 78: Lasya Gets Evicted And Drops Bigg Bomb On Abhijeet

By - November 23, 2020 - 09:58 AM IST

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 The episode started with Nagarjuna's colorful entry with 'Ay Pilla' song in the background. Nagarjuna greeted the housemates and divided the housemates into two teams. Team A captain Harika picked Lasya, Abhijeet, Akhil. Team B captain Ariyana picked Avinash, Sohel, Monal. They have to guess the song based on the image.

Team B guessed 'Gajuvaka Pilla' song and danced for it. Team A guessed the next song 'Aaradugula Bullettu' and danced for it. Team A guessed 'Bangaru Kodipetta' song and danced for it. Team B guessed 'Butta Bomma' song and danced for it. Team A guessed 'Nakkilisu Golusu' song and danced for it. Team B guessed and danced for 'Kannepettaro Kannukottaro' song. Harika entered the safe zone. Team A guessed 'Neeli Neeli Aakasam' and danced for it. Team A guessed 'A Vachi B Pai Vaale' song and danced. Team B guessed 'Colorful Chilaka' song.

Lasya got a fan call. The fan said that Lasya is playing a safe game and asked if it is her game strategy. Lasya said that she will be like her in real life as well and she is an introvert. Monal entered the safe zone. Nagarjuna made both the teams to play ludo. Nagarjuna gave a challenge to Akhil to spell the alphabets backwards. Sohel polished Avinash's nails by holding the brush with his mouth. Akhil sang 'Chiru Chiru' song as a sad song. Lasya said a dialogue by keeping her tongue out of her mouth. Avinash tied a saree within one minute. Team B won the game. Abhijeet entered the safe zone.

Lasya got evicted from the Bigg Boss house. Lasya shared her opinions about all the housemates. Lasya's Bigg Bomb is to give the 'King of the Kitchen' tag to a housemate who has to take up the kitchen responsibilities and Lasya picked Abhijeet for it.

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