Bigg Boss Exclusive: Ariyana & Sohel Safe; Rest In Nominations

By - November 30, 2020 - 01:05 PM IST

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Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is one of the most entertaining reality shows in Telugu. Last week, four members were in the nominations but all of them became safe. For the current week as well, there will be 7 members in the house. Unlike last week, there will be five members in the nominations this time. There is no captain in the house because of which no one was exempted from the nominations procedure.

This week, the contestants will carry a tube of colored water with them and will pour it into the bowls of other contestants. Each contestant will have to share their water equally with two contestants to nominate them for the eliminations.

During the process, five members were picked for the nominations. Sohel and Ariyana are safe. The rest of the inmates are in the nominations. Avinash, Monal, and Akhil will be in the nominations this week as well. Harika who was captain last week entered nominations. Abhijeet who was safe last week is in the nominations again.

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