Talk of the Town: Mohan Babu deletes Chiranjeevi's number!

By - September 20, 2021 - 01:43 PM IST

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Senior stars Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu share a bitter-sweet relationship with each other. In many instances, Chiru himself compared their relationship to that of Tom and Jerry. If the latest buzz is anything to go by, these stars had a major fallout recently.


According to the recent report published by a leading English news daily, there is a cold war happening between Chiru and Mohan Babu, regarding the upcoming MAA elections.


Prakash Raj and Mohan Babu's son Manchu Vishnu are the major contenders for the MAA's presidential post. Apparently, Mohan Babu asked Chiru to support his son. It seems that Chiru declined in a smooth way by saying that he already gave his word to Prakash Raj, way before Vishnu came into contention.


It is also heard that Chiru further suggested Mohan Babu tell Vishnu to contest next term and support Prakash this time.


This angered Mohan Babu who reportedly expressed his outburst on Chiru and apparently, deleted his contact number too.


We hear that Chiru is equally angry but is not letting out in media publicly. Recently, both these stars attended a family event of their mutual friend Subbi Rami Reddy but entered and exited at different times. That incident further sparked rumors about their current friendship status.

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