Bigg Boss Ep 16: Priya takes shocking potshots at Lahari & Ravi & Sunny

By - September 21, 2021 - 10:06 AM IST

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Monday is for nominations in the Bigg Boss house. The show has reached the third week already. Sarayu and Uma Devi were evicted from the house. On Monday, the nominations are not completed. But, there is enough drama in the house.


The following are some of the major highlights that took place in the house on Monday.


Sreerama Chandra and Hamida sat to discuss their observations on the other inmates. Maanas and Kajal too sat down regarding the same.


Tring Tring is the wake-up song in the house.


Nagarjuna sent Mutton Biryani to the house as per the request of RJ Kajal.


Shanmukh Jaswanth slept in the house and it resulted in dogs barking sounds. Vishwa punished Shanmukh by letting him jump into the swimming pool 21 times.


The nominations segment took place in an interesting manner in the Bigg Boss house. The nominations procedure is not completed yet. Only 11 contestants got a chance to participate in nominations on Monday.


Sreerama Chandra nominated Maanas and Ravi. Siri nominated Swetaa and Lahari. Sunny nominated Priya and Kajal. Natraj nominated Siri & Kajal. Anne nominated Sreerama Chandra and Maanas. Ravi nominated Sreerama Chandra and Jaswant. Lahari nominated Priya and Sreerama Chandra. Lobo nominated Priyanka and Sreerama Chandra. Priyanka nominated Lobo and Jaswant. Maanas nominated Sreerama Chandra and Ravi. Priya nominated Lahari and Sunny. During the entire segment, Priya's arguments with Lahari and Ravi caught the attention. Majorly, Priya passed a statement that Lahari is busy with all the men in the house. She told that because of the same reason, she could not connect with Lahari. To defend her statement, Priya also said that she saw Lahari hugging Ravi at midnight in the restroom. Ravi also did not like it coming from Priya. Priya also added that Lahari is single and she can do anything. The statement has given many wrong indications and Lahari raised an objection. In the end, Priya apologized to both Ravi and Lahari but the issue did not come to an end there.

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