Bigg Boss Episode 19 Highlights: Maanas sent to Jail

By - September 25, 2021 - 12:05 PM IST

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-Siri asks Shannu to talk to her and she is feeling lonely. But he won't talk to her. Siri says that he is the one who has been avoiding her which is why she is talking to other housemates. Shannu says that she can continue doing so and there is no need to talk to him.


-Maanas to Hamida said that Lahari is being possessive of him and when he was feeding Lahari, Hamida came and asked him to feed her. To feed both at the same time, Maanas asked Lahari to go near Hamida. But Lahari said that she won, 't move and he also can't move.


Nataraj made statements buy that some housemates don't have sense and are pointing out his profession. When Sunny asked who it is, Nataraj doesn't reveal but continued to taunt. Sunny got angry and the duo argue. Ravi claims that Nataraj is playing the victim card.


-Maanas becomes the worst performer and Bigg Boss sends him to Jail. When Maanas is in the jail, Priyanka says that she can tie rakhi to Sreeram but she cannot tie it to him.


-Lobo fell asleep and dogs started barking. Jassi goes in front of the camera and says that he is ready to take punishment but the housemates stop him.


-Bigg Boss sends a doll and says that the baby is a special person and the housemates should take care of the baby.


-Bigg Boss shows the baby shower video of Nataraj's wife and also an audio message from her. Nataraj gets emotional.


-Siri says that she got disconnected with Jassi as he didn't gave the band to her or Shannu.

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